Hi! I´m Fernando

A sharepoint expert that helps businesses become more efficient, productive and up to date with cloud technologies.

This could mean moving your business to Office 365 , automate your processes using flow, getting you confortable with SharePoint  or making your business more productive by integrating all these tools with your existing IT products.


I use a different approach compared to other consultants in the market:

I believe in collaboration. I don´t refuse to explain how things work, to prevent you from doing the work yourself. Instead I work with you, and provide all information you need to move forward.

I don´t lecture you about the new technological trends. Not all existing businesses need complex solutions to solve their problems. Instead I bring you value by understanding your existing problems and fixing them.

I only work on proiects that prove to be a good investment to you on the long term. My focus is to bring value to your projects and make sure you thrive in the digital world.

Why Should You Hire My Services?

There are so many consultants out there that provide excellent services already.

It all started many years ago when I decided to go on a training to learn how to be a software developer. It was an intensive year where I learned how to program using many different programming languages . After that experience I had the opportunity to take on a Microsoft Certification in .Net. My career In IT was moving on at a great speed. Little did I know what was waiting for me. I found work as an intern in a small B2B company and started to learn how the corporate world works. From that moment on I have participated in many projects, collaborated with many different companies, and visited many countries. I have learned and became an expert with many different products like Biztalk Server and SharePoint. I have participated in small projects that would last for a few weeks to projects that would go on for many months. I worked in small companies of 3 people that only had a small room where everything from analysis, architecture, project management, administration, customer service, development had to be done by this small team. I collaborated in projects with many people in big organizations with offices open all over the world where the way of working is completely the opposite of small companies. I learned how to work with teams of different sizes and cultural believe.  I adapted to different systems, procedures, regulations, layers and layers of hierarchies and political struggles. Worked with people from different time zones, different cultures, believes and ways of working. I was exposed to a gazillion of projects that were going on at the same time, where many of them overlap with each other. Small problems that rose into big problems due to misinterpretations or different agendas that were not properly communicated.  I have learned how to adapt, absorbed the bad and the good and use that knowledge and power to work with people and projects. I have never given up and always found a way to move forward. And I keep doing that everyday of my life because that is who I am.

If you want to know more you can find my profile on Linkedin here . I have included a short description of a few projects and roles that I did during the time I was a full time employee.

But don´t take my word for granted. Bellow you will find few reviews from people that worked directly with me. 

What People Say About My Work


Coaching Sessions

You prefer to learn to work with SharePoint at your own pace without pressure. You like to have information available 24/7 so that you can go throught it and test it in real life scenarios at your own pace.

Consulting Sessions

You like to do things yourself but there is not enough time in a day to learn everything SharePoint offers. You prefer to have an expert working together with and move forward with your goals.

Do IT for me Sessions

You have that idea to improve your business but you lack the knowledge to use SharePoint. How about that process that would make your business more efficient? Don´t worry, I will do it or you!

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