Yes, there are still spots available to work with you

Word of caution: By hiring this service you might experience a few side-effects. They include feeling happy, productive and  excited when you see things being done.

What do you get with this service?

This service will bring your ideas into reality using Office 365 or Sharepoint. Most importantly you will move forward and see your strategy turn into reality instead of just being another task on your already enormous task list. You will get:


Personalized Attention


Constructive Feedback


Complementary Training


Problem Solving Skills


Office 365 and Sharepoint expertise at your side all times

Does it sound good to you? I´m a big advocate of making things happens no matter what needs to be done. I´m not offering passive consulting services. I will work together with you and make sure that your idea moves forward. You can count on all my energy to get things done together with you. Hard to believe? Maybe it is. Let me try to get you a little bit more comfortable with this service. Bellow you will see an example of a few of the questions that we all ask when starting a project and the skills that I offer to bring your idea into reality:

Questions Skill needed
Is your idea clear and defined? Idea analysis
What do you need to do to move forward? Requirements gathering
How will you know if your idea works? Market testing
Who participates in the project? Resource planning
Who is going to do what, when and how? Resource allocation
How will your idea take shape? Project management
Do you need developers?Designers? Idea development
How can you improve it moving forward? Idea optimization

Does the above sound complicated? Good, because it is! The good thing is that you don´t need to have all those skills. I have all those skills to bring your idea into reality. You don´t even have to buy different hats and do it all alone. We will do it together!

Do you have any questions?

I´m sure you do,
but don´t worry about anything.

Let´s get on a call and l will clarify all your questions. This way you will understand if we are a good fit for each other. Use the button bellow to book an available time slot and let´s have a chat.